Why J&K Was Given Special Status By Class 12 Online Tuition?


The special status of Jammu and Kashmir is mentioned in article 370 of part 21. The special status of Jammu and Kashmir is provided on a basis of an agreement concluded with Kashmir accession. The following are special features of special relations with Jammu and Kashmir to help review different lessons. It is one of the most important and trending topics for class 12 polity subjects. Here, the teacher will help you to understand all the provisions. This blog will help you to secure good marks in your examination when explained by class 12 online tuition.

Special status or not by class 12 online tuition

Jammu and Kashmir have their own constitution. The constitution of Jammu and Kashmir was basically framed by the constituent assembly. It was adopted on 17th November and came into effect on 26 January 1957. You must know that the parliament cannot make law with the help of Jammu and Kashmir. The law is interdependent on different state lists. The residue of power with the legislature of Jammu and Kashmir does not stand with the same pharmacy. It follows dual citizenship that takes part in elections. The class 12 online tuition will make it clear in the class about the National emergency. As a student, you must be aware of all this general awareness. The national emergency was proclaimed with external up-gradation. The autonomous extension to Jammu and Kashmir was proclaimed with a rebellion that automatically extended towards Jammu and Kashmir. 
Apart from this presidential rule the government also allows a maximum period to be imposed for 6 months. Reconstitution of breakdown helps to understand the concurrence of the state legislature. Without the concurrence of the state legislature, it is impossible to change the boundary territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The government of Jammu and Kashmir consults with the center before appointing a new person there is no preventive law or action that automatically sends to Jammu and Kashmir. There has no power that tokens financial emergency to Jammu and Kashmir.

Emergency provisions by class 12 online tuition

The class 12 online tuition provides you with knowledge of emergency provisions. During the emergency period, the government helps the state to control the federal structure. An emergency is an external aggression that popularly helps national emergency. Failure of constitutional machinery is known as the president shall rule.
Under article 352 the president declares a national emergency with threatening external aggression and declared San off the external emergency. You must know that there are different effects of National emergency they are as follows
The government is brought under complete control. It is a state government that is brought under the control of the center. However, at this stage, the parliament makes laws subject to the state list. There are different legislative powers but it suspends meaning and helps to provide overriding power. The teacher explained that the president can also modify the revenues between the states and the center for stock; it provides permission to transfer the finance from the States to the center.
  • In tuition for class 12 learn from the teacher that the Lok sabha provides a law with the parliament which is beyond the level of a 6-month emergency. The parliament is extended to some more months with a period of six months. At the same time, the parliament with its normal tenure allows each time a National emergency. There are different fundamental rights of National emergency fundamental rights are-
Article 19 with the national emergency ground of water on external aggression and other armed rebellion. However, the president is not able to suspend to the court with different enforcement of fundamental rights. You must be aware of all the articles and amendments so this provides you a better approach to foreseeable offenses. You must study hard so that you can understand each and every elementary rule with satisfaction. There are again some failures that provide direction to hold the situation according to the provisions.
Politics is complex and written and tough language. There are different standards of students present in one class. Everybody is not able to understand politeness with one explanation. At this point in time, they need online tuition for class 12 that can make them understand everything in detail. Slowly and stately the tuition teacher for class 12 explains each and every topic. However, this explanation helps to deal with different questions in the examination hall. You must be e aware of the latest pattern and syllabus.

In the above blog, you will understand the importance of the National emergency and various other fundamentals of it. Being a state of India Jammu and Kashmir is not treated equally as described above. You must learn from the best online tutors near me to understand every topic in detail.


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